Giving Back

A core value for Grand Central is generosity, we are blessed to be a blessing. Its a moral obligation for us to help those in need. Therefore we have partnered with an organisation like Initiate, these guys know how to empower communities in the poorest of countries to see real tangible change.
Every retail bag of coffee that is sold on our website, $1 goes to Initiates amazing work. We have committed to a guaranteed minimum of $300 donated quarterly to them.
They work in 4 key areas...
1) Health; Access to health care is critical because it not only affects the individual but also the community.
2) Education; Education is a fundamental human right and the key to achieving a huge number of outcomes.
3) Small Business; What holds development work altogether and is the underlying key, is investment in sustainable projects.
4) Clean Water; Water is life's most basic need and can change everything!

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