El Salvador Quezaltepeque Community

Grand Central


Region: San Salvador
Farm: Small Farms from the Village of Quezaltepeque
Altitude: 1200-1800m
Process: Washed

Taste: Hazelnut, floral, dark chocolate, mid high body, malic low acid

This cooperative is a "community" coffee project for El Salvador that gives growers premiums over market for good quality coffee. Growers take their cherry or parchment to the collection centre, their product is cupped and scored, if it cups base on the profile we are looking for and over 85 points we buy this coffee at premiums. If coffee is cupping more than 86 points we start considering them micro-lots. This coffee is a good representation of El Salvador coffee, clean, bold, mid high body and some great chocolate and sugar browning notes.

Just minutes from the capital of El Salvador is the lush and fertile Quezaltepeque (San Salvador) volcano, located to the west of the city of San Salvador. This complex massif that includes the Picacho (1,967m above sea level) and Wild Boar (1,397ft) peaks, is home to the "El Boquerón" crater at 1,800m with 1,500m diameter. Its the perfect microclimate to grow high quality coffee – volcanic soil, high altitude and lush terrain combined with hot sunny days and cold windy nights. The regional cooperative of Quezaltepeque services small growers around the volcano and the western ranges of San Salvador providing them with social services, discounts on fertilisers and machinery, quality control and a chance to sell their coffee to the world.
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