Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Grade 1

Grand Central


Region: Sidamo
Farm: Small Holders
Altitude: >1800m
Process: Natural

Taste: Blueberry, strawberry, bubblegum, with a creamy body and complex acidity.

This coffee was soured through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX). Which is how the majority of coffee is purchased from Ethiopia.
In 2008 Ethiopia created its own Commodity Exchange and began to restrict coffee through this organization. After the ECX was implemented only Cooperatives and Farms are now able to export directly. All other coffee is submitted and graded in the ECX labs and put forth on the exchange. There are some amazing coffees that come through here and by giving our partner in Ethiopia the latitude to maximise the pool from which we are drawing, we were able to maximise the quality/price ratio from you the customer.
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