India Thalanar Estate (Directly Traded)

Grand Central


Location: Anaimalai Ranges – Valparai Tamil Nadu
Altitude: 1200 – 1500 Meters above Mid sea level
Area: 675 acres
Owners: Mr Angamuthu Mudaliar and Family
Est: 1958
Plantation: Arabica (Shade Grown)
Varieties: Cauvery, Selection.9, S.795, HRC
Employees: 100 (Full time and casual)

The plantation is a high altitude, shade grown Arabica coffee. The trees grown for shade are Silver Oak, Mulberry, Jack fruit, Orange Trees etc. Alongside coffee cardamom crops and pepper are planted to supplement revenue. The plantation has its own nursery to germinate coffee seedlings for replace bushes that are destroyed by natural causes or wild animals such as Bison and Elephants. The plantations sources water from the streams that run through the property and also natural springs.

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