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Rotating seasonal high grade single origin. Currently...

Guatemala San Antonio Chaguite 

REGION: Huehuetenango

VARIETY: Caturra


OWNER: Dany and Madlyn

Flavour: Delicious red fruit, dark chocolate and roasted almonds.

Dany’s brother Guillermo is an agronomical engineer and has been instrumental in using the drip irrigation system to fertilise the finca. By giving the plant tiny doses of fertiliser at regular intervals, nutrients based on soil analyses, the plant is healthier and overall fertiliser use is reduced massively. We have never seen drip-fertilisation on a farm before and the difference it makes in reducing chemical inputs is astounding. 

They also have a massive worm farm and compost coffee pulp and mucilage and apply organic compost to the whole farm.Shade trees are abundant, it is a beautiful place to visit. Dany and Madlyn have a state of the art wet-mill that sorts cherries exceptionally well before depulping. A cherry sorter built into the wet mill is very rare! Fermentation is in large format cement tanks and this year lasted between 36 and 48 hours depending on the weather at the time. 

Pickers are paid well above market rate - this allows pickers to be selective in grabbing only ripe reddies. Dany and Madlyn pride themselves on providing their worker a reliable and well-paid income. Our buyer personally spoke to several of the pickers and they confirmed that Dany and his father Willy pay the best prices around.

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